Advanced Dental Associates Inc. Vision

Quality over Quantity

Many of our new clients ask me, why are you different? Many of our regular clients will tell you it’s the commitment to matching the right candidate to the right practice. We believe in the uniqueness of every office and candidate. This is why we value our “face to face” interviews with each dental professional working with us. We feel this is integral to our success of providing quality dental staffing. We realize, not only does the candidate represents us, more importantly they represent our clients to their customers.

Whether you’re a practice looking to hire their next employee or a dental professional looking for their next permanent position, we have always recommend working interviews. Many years ago this was not the practice. Today, it’s key to ensuring the proper fit and harmony in any practice. Our model that has been developed with decades of success is for the potential new hire to work in the office for a day or two. After the choice is made, we guarantee that permanent placement with a 30/60 day limited guarantee.

We are proud to serve the dental community with awesome staff through constant recruiting and the building of relationships. If you’re in the dental community today and are ready to make a change, please feel free to reach out to Advance Dental Associates Inc. by emailing We’re looking forward to serving you.

We serve the entire team!

Job satisfaction is a major part of personal happiness. Career opportunities of a permanent and temporary nature are available through Advanced Dental Associates. If you seek job relocation, a new beginning or are returning to the work force, we can meet your every employment need.